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John Strecker

Owner, President and CEO

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA., Mr. Strecker possesses a Masters of Engineering Science/Computer Design from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree from LaSalle University. He has been involved with various facets of the computer industry since 1985.

.Mr. Strecker is an innovator in the application of emerging technologies to meet the challenge of the evolving business world. Previously employed at Health Business Systems, (HBS) and One Health Bank (OHB), Strecker was a founding partner of Flux Technology Solutions, Inc. where he was Chief Architect of the industry's true browser-based Mail-order solution to the US pharmacy market in the spring of 1999. Used by on-line Internet and brick/mortar pharmacies alike, the NextRx™ technology Mr. Strecker developed was also licensed as the core technology for the industry’s first Application Service Provider (ASP) model. This model has been adopted by the largest pharmacy system vendor in the US.

Mr.Strecker brings both computing knowledge and business managerial expertise to his role as CEO & President of ANSHealth.

Matthew Walko

Vice President of Business/Software Development

As a lifelong resident of Ohio, Mr. Walko carries a major Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Architecture, as well as Business Management from Youngstown State University and maintains certifications from IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cisco and Microsoft covering various aspects of software development, programming languages, networking and hardware design. He found his natural connections to all things technology in 1980 and has been immersed in the computer industry ever since.

Mr. Walko is a highly skilled problem solver, developer and operations optimizer through his knowledge and application of technology solutions. He was previously employed as a Director of technology for both Phar-Mor Inc., a leading pharmacy retail chain with over 350 stores nationwide(11 yrs) and Immediate Pharmaceutical Services (IPS\Catamaran), a world-wide provider of Mail Order Pharmacy services(15 yrs). While employed for IPS, he also maintained the duties of Privacy Officer, overseeing both HIPPA and PCI technology compliance.

Mr. Walko brings intimately detailed knowledge of the pharmacy industry, including prescription processing workflow, data injection, pricing, adjudication, credit card processing, PCI\HIPAA compliance, dispensing, delivery and outreach programs, as well as an extraordinary first hand management experience to his role as VP of Systems/Business Development of ANS Health Solutions.

Advisory Council

Don Jones, CPA, CFA

Don is a seasoned business executive with a successful track record in managing large scale capital expenditure projects for the Philadelphia area. His business experience includes accounting, finance, product development, procurement, project management and overall business growth.

Chernow-Kapustin, LLC Esquire, Legal

Chernow-Kapustin has been involved with ANSHealth since its inception and currently provides all legal counsel for AdvanceNet Health Solutions, Inc.