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Getting Started - What is ePostRx?™

ANSHealth offers the industry an end-to-end, enterprise pharmacy solution that can support all your Prescription Management and Rx Dispensing requirements across any pharmacy resource. ePostRx automates the prescription-fulfillment process, from Order/Rx/OTC receipt and insurance adjudication, to electronic SCRIPT, DUR and dispensing for all pharmacy business models, including retail chains and high-volume pharmacies operated by insurers, integrated health systems, supermarkets, wholesalers, mail order service or specialty mail facilities.
ePostRx is designed to maximize efficiency across any pharmacy's resource.

Unique 'Crafted Source' Licensing

ANSHealth breaks all of the rules of traditional pharmacy vendors by offering “Crafted Source” solutions - a unique licensing model that provides customized, client owned, yet open source software, with a peer community to promote ideas and resolve issues. With ePostRx your company has the ability to develop and integrate software that supports your business model. Use your programming staff, or ours – either way you own the application.

For Developers

ePostRx is a very mature enterprise pharmacy web application. ePostRx is developed using Java distributed technologies such as J2EE, JSP, XML and XSL and other web technologies.
It will run on any platform that supports the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) such as Windows, Solaris, Linux etc. The RDBMS is currently MSSQL Server 2008 R2+.

As we continually evolve ePostRx into a true end-to-end pharmacy solution supporting all business workflows, your participation and contribution to our crafted source will benefit all customers as we continue to improve and expand ePostRx. We welcome your participation and expertise as we move forward together.