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ePostRx™ - General Pharmacy FAQ

Q: Does ePostRx™ support Retail Pharmacy and Mail Order Pharmacy operations?
A: Yes, our system supports both retail and mail order pharmacy operations.
Q: Are Retail and Mail Order integrated in ePostRx™?
A: Yes, our ePostRx software allows you to provide both retail and mail order service to your customers. The functionality to direct fills between retail and mail sites is possible through the internal transfer Rx functionality. This functionality meets all requirements for State Pharmacy Board Regulations in regard to prescription transfer.
Q: Do you support multiple sites?
A: Yes, the system allows for multiple sites and multiple pharmacies at each site.
Q: Does ePostRx™ accommodate a shared database for patient, physician and product?
A: Yes, the patient and physician demographics can be shared among multiple sites. Our product database is supplied through Medispan and can be shared among sites.
Q: Does the system accommodate a paperless mail order process?
A: Yes, from order entry through shipping, you can complete the order process on the system using Scanners, e-prescribing and doctor fax.
Q: Can each site have their own inventory files using the ePostRx™ software?
A: Yes, each site can establish their inventory files and they are exclusive to that site.
Q: Does the ePostRx™ system interface with shipping software, e.g., Pitney Bowes?
A: Yes, we do interface with shipping applications.
Q: Does ePostRx™ support multiple suppliers?
A: Yes, you can have multiple suppliers for costs and drug ordering.
Q: Does ePostRx™ have the feature to establish a client-generated identifier?
A: Yes, within ePostRx™ the user can assign a unique identifier to individual patients and the associated functionality and track this throughout the life cycle of the patient and their interactions with the pharmacy. These patient identifiers include:
  • Name (Last, First, MI)
  • Cardholder ID (third party)
  • Phone number
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Credit Card Number
  • Drivers License Number
  • External / Conversion ID

Q: Can I create orders based on a family using ePostRx™?
A: Yes, you can create orders based on a family identifier and you can create multiple orders for different patients to go to one site, e.g., Hospice.
Q: Does ePostRx™ allow me to fill orders for all members of a family during the order process?
A: Yes, you have the option of locking into a Family Rapid Fill Mode so that you can only fill for the specific family members or you can use the Rapid Fill Mode for individual family members.
Q: Do your system have a process for Rx Verification?
A: Yes, we have the ability to scan barcodes, UPI Codes and the paper prescription. You can also attach the paper prescription and using the fax server software you can send to doctor electronically thereby saving paper and time.
Q: Does ePostRx™ interface with IVR/IWR so that there is a seamless flow from order intake to shipping?
A: Yes, we interface with a variety of IVR systems using our SOAP library.
Q: Does ePostRx™ allow us to define roles within the system that follows our business model for Workflow?
A: Yes, you can set up specific roles and permissions based on the roles you assign. This allows for efficient use of time by each person in their assigned role.
Q: Does ePostRx™ accommodate web-based ordering for customers?
A: Yes, there are SOAP service libary that can accommodate web access to the epostrx data. Based on the permissions setup for each, the client has the ability to grant or restrict access to the system accordingly. Current clients are using customer web access for the following functions:
  • Allow patients to update demographic information
  • Pay off outstanding balances
  • Place orders for refills
  • Track orders
  • Request new prescriptions (doctor call request)
  • Print year-end tax reports
  • Set criteria for auto refill
  • Acknowledge HIPPA receipt

Q: Does ePostRx™ support multiple price bases?
A: Yes, ePostRx™ currently supports the entire price basis’ in the Medispan MDDB as well as your cost from your supplier. Additionally, the system will support the average inventory cost for transparency models. Additional price bases (e.g. Federal Schedules) can be added to the system upon client request. The addition of these schedules is a no cost client request for change. Once the cost base is added to the system, the client is able to define, per third party plan, the cost base and any associated formulas for client billing. ANS Health will work with the client to determine the mode and frequency of the updates to the new price base.
Q: Does ePostRx™ interface with a POS System?
A: Not at this time, but we have plans to do this per client request. We have not yet had the request from a client to interface to a POS system.