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ePostRx™ offers the industry's only single source, end-to-end, centralized enterprise solution that can support all your electronic SCRIPT, Prescription Management and Rx Dispensing requirements across any pharmacy resource. ePostRx™ automates the prescription-fulfillment process, from Order/Rx/OTC receipt and insurance adjudication, to DUR and dispensing for all pharmacy business models, including retail chains and high-volume pharmacies operated by insurers, integrated health systems, supermarkets, wholesalers, mail order service or specialty mail facilities.
ePostRx™ is designed to maximize efficiency across any pharmacy's resource.

ePostRx™ System Features

  • Web application architecture reduces Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) through browser interface allowing on-line access of resources anywhere across the enterprise. Centralized application deployment significantly reduces overhead associated with managing incremental product updates per client machine.
  • Centralized database drives data consistency across the enterprise while allowing online access to real-time data.

    Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that utilizes both keyboard and mouse driven selections.
  • Developed using Java and distributed technologies such as J2EE, JSP, XML and XSL. Runs on any platform that supports the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) such as Windows, Solaris, Linux etc.
  • Workflow Engine allows customers to define workflow rules that meet everyday business needs and create workflow possibilities.
    Workflow queues improve productivity ensuring most efficient use of resources across the enterprise.
  • Workflow Transaction Engine automatically routes events from queue to queue.
  • Group and User Level defined roles limit user access to sensitive functional areas. Allows creation of user groups to target specific business needs.
  • Use of bar code technology speeds data entry process and assures quality during the dispensing and verification operations.
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server. Plans are currently underway to add support for an Open Source DB - MySql or PostgreSql.
  • Ability to connect to LDAP (Lighweight Directory Access Protocol) server for enterprise-wide user authentication.
  • Utilizes latest open source technologies to avoid vendor lock and provide increased affordability!
  • And many, many more...

ePostRx™ Pharmacy Features

  • Electronic workflow queues
  • Can support multiple pharmacies servicing multiple facilities
  • Supports manual and automatic prescription and OTC fulfillment
  • Clinical Screening including Drug/ Drug, Drug/ Food, Drug/Alcohol, prior adverse reaction, duplicate therapy, and drug/disease contraindication screening
  • Real-time electronic claims adjudication utilizing version 5.1 telecom standard.
  • MediSpan drug knowledge base support. Future support for First Database drug knowledge base.
  • Fast and easy prescription entry and filling process.
  • Integrated inventory control including low stock reports, purchase order generation and updates of actual cost from vendor.
  • Integrated A/R to allow posting of payments, adjustments and Payment Card transactions.
  • Third Party Reconciliation
  • Report Writer
  • Multiple notes for Rx, Doctor, Supplier, Product, Inventory, Patient etc..
  • Audit logging per user transaction for HIPAA auditing
  • And many, many more...

ePostRx Enterprise Workflow

While more sophisticated by its very nature, the high-volume process in some respects resembles a manufacturing environment, with controlled workflow that progresses from station to station, inventory control, quality assurance checks, and such back-office operations as customer service, exception handling and accounting. ePostRx™ supports and enhances these processes to facilitate higher volumes, more profitably, with:

  • Configurable business workflows
  • Electronic work queues
  • Bar-coded order entry and tracking
  • Production monitoring to identify and minimize bottlenecks
  • Automated routing from station to station
  • Automated therapeutic and generic substitution recommendations
  • Centralized database
  • Here are just some of the ways ePostRx™ systems help high-volume pharmacies increase efficiency, lower costs and enhance patient care:

  • Efficient Use of Pharmacists - Administrative work is directed to lower-cost technicians, who gain proficiency while helping ensure the most efficient use of pharmacists' resources.
  • Paperless Processing - Prescriptions can be scanned and/or bar-coded, and routed electronically. Order status is always accessible, and such processes as adjudication and DUR can be handled simultaneously. Exceptions are automatically routed for special handling.
  • Automated Adjudication - The system ensures that co-payment and insurance revenues are accurately calculated and paid.
  • Quality Assurance - UPS and bar codes are used to verify order contents. Digital pill images can be compared to bottle contents. Most popular automated dispensing systems are supported.
  • Seamless Shipping - Paperwork is generated automatically and interfaces with most shipping manifest software.
  • And many, many more...

    Typical ePostRx Enterprise Business Workflow

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