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Efficiencies Gained through ePostRx (A Customer Testimonial)

Upon the year anniversary (June 2010) of implementing the ePostrx Mail-Order Pharmacy Management System, IPSRx (a Catalyst Rx company) has reported that the largest savings from ePostRx have been realized in:

  • Reduced labor  from the streamline and automation of existing manual processes 
    • ORTF (Open Refill Transfer File)
    • Bulk Member Enrollment
    • Tech DC- automated outbound fax servers/OCR on inbound, and cloning features
    • Increased production/efficiency of general operations
      • highly customizable workflow and navigation processes
      • Intuitive screens, data displays, and processing options
      • high clarity images in conjunction with dual screen functionality
  • Ability to develop newly integrated processes and features in-house
    • minimal development costs 
    • changes move to production more quickly with full control over development, testing and QA
  • Address verification, significant reduction in the cost of reships 
  • Distributed environment
    • practically eliminates downtime for maintenance,
    • allows for the advantage of using VMs which has already provided some short term hardware savings, and through long term growth will continue to do so
    • practically eliminates an already minimal amount of downtime for maintenance and/or server outages
  • Ease and customization/flexibility of interfacing to external applications
    • automated dispensing
    • IVR
    • web
    • EDI
    • payment processors
    • claims adjudicators
  • Staff reduction of 28 FTEs (roughly 25%) since implementation approximately one year ago
  • Increase accuracy rate from 1/10K to 1/22K

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