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Technical documentation and publications related to ANSHealth, our products and the pharmacy industry.

The ePostRx Quick Install Tutorial covers most of the areas of ePostRx installation. If you cannot find the answer (s) from the tutorial or knowledge base,
you can get support by purchasing MyePostRx Network, which provides comprehensive support and services from the developers of ePostRx."

ePostRx Solutions

ePostRx Retail Fill™

ePostRx Retail Fill™ automates the retail based prescription-fulfillment process, from Rx/Refill receipt and insurance adjudication, to DUR and dispensing. ePostRx Retail Fill™ is ideal for retail chains and high-volume pharmacies operated by insurers, integrated health systems, supermarkets, or wholesalers.

ePostRx Order Fill™

ePostRx Order Fill™ automates the order based prescription-fulfillment process, from Order/Rx/OTC receipt and insurance adjudication, to DUR and dispensing. Furthermore, ePostRx Order Fill™ is designed to maximize efficiency across any mail order service or specialty mail facilities

ePostRx Long Term Care
(Cycle Fill)™

ePostRx Cycle Fill allows pharmacies that service Long Term Care Facilities to provide medication delivery to the Facility based on cycle dates, patients and medications.

ePostRx Specialty Fill™

ePostRx Specialty Fill™ allows pharmacies that focus on dispensing specialty drugs to meet the needs of their members including processing orders and conduct clinical assessments.

ePostRx Hospice™

ePostRx Hospice™ allows pharmacies that focus on dispensing drugs in a Hospice environment to meet the needs of their patients including fulfillment and shipping orders to Facilities and Individuals.

ePostRx Web Portal API™

The ePostRx™ API offers additional added flexibility through the numerous web services that are provided.